Dolphins in Culture

Dolphins in Culture

Dolphins in Human Culture

Dolphin Photography

While attempting to photograph any wild animal is often a difficult undertaking. Photographing wild dolphins presents it’s own individual challenges.

Dolphins in Movies

In the Movies: Dolphin Stars. Ever since Flipper captivated television audiences in the black-and-white sets of the fifties, dolphins have been among the most beloved animal stars. If you’re one fan of dolphins who’d rather watch them on the big screen, there are plenty to choose from.

Dolphins in Mythology

Dolphins in Mythology. Dolphins have been viewed as somehow magical for millennia by humans. They’re one of the only animals that appear to play, leaping out of the water and doing tricks, and the bottlenose dolphin even seems to grin widely at everything.

The Dolphin of Oceanus – Book Review by John Hoopes

Dolphin Way Rise of the Guardians – by Mark Caney