Travel to Swim with Dolphins

Popular Destinations

There are several places where you can travel to encounter with dolphins.

We will concentrate this time in the travel destinations within the American continent and Hawaii where you can travel to see dolphins.

However, there are several other travel destinations in the world where you can travel to see dolphins like Australia or New Zealand.

To start, you need to define the kind of encounter with dolphins you would like to have. Seated from the distance in an auditorium like most big aquariums or you can travel into the real dolphin habitat either to swim or watch them in places like Hawaii, Florida, Cancun, Bahamas or Baja.

This section is devoted to places for traveling to encounter with wild dolphins in their own habitat and in a different page we will be talking about the places to travel to see great aquariums and dolphinarums.

We include some operators which give such service. Although we do not endorse any of them, we provide a guide on how to pick your best option. Click here to read how to pick up the right dolphin tour.

Once you travel into dolphin’s territory, you have two tour options, you can watch dolphins from a boat, or you can get into the water andswim with dolphins.

United States.

Within the US, there are several places to see dolphins. The most common are:


Hawaii is one of the traditional places to travel to see dolphins and of course you can have a great vacation travel at the same time. You can arrange dolphin, turtle and whale watching or swimming with several providers.

If you decide to travel to Hawaii, some of them are:

  • Dolphin Discoveries, Kona, Hawaii – Dolphin watching boat trips and snorkel diving.
  • Exploration Company – Dolphin and whale watching boat tours and diving
  • Holoholo Charters – Kauai – snorkeling tours, sightseeing tours, and whale watching tours to Na Pali and the Forbidden island of Niihau.
  • Pacific Whale Foundation – Maui, Hawaii – Several different whale and dolphin watching tours and snorkeling tours.
  • Sail Hawaii – Snorkeling, watching and swimming with dolphins tours in Oahu.


Another great place to travel to watch and swim with dolphins is Florida.

With great waters and wonderful weather, Florida is another place to travel to have great vacations besides dolphin encounters. The main place is the Florida Keys, but you can find other places in Florida to encounter with dolphins.

If you travel to Florida, some of the providers for dolphin swimming or watching are:

  • Captain Seaweed Charters – Snorkeling tours in the Florida Keys.
  • FunDay Eco-Tours- They have 16 interesting pre-made tours but the are only for pre-formed groups.
  • Orlando DiveDiving tours for Orlando area.


Texas is not the most common place to travel to watch or swim with dolphins, but if you are visiting South Padre Island, you will find a Safari tour to watch dolphins.

If you are traveling to South Padre Island, you can contact:

  • Colley’s Fins Photo Safaris – Dolphin encounters on South Padre Island.


If you are looking for the big dolphin guys, the killer whales, Washington is the place to travel to watch Orcas.

You can find Orca watching tours and several other whale watching or nature watching tours. If you travel to Washington you can contact one of these operators:

  • Maya’s Whale Watching Tours – Whale watching tours of the San Juan Islands.
  • Mosquito Fleet- Orca whale watching tours in the San Juan Islands, Puget Sound, and Seattle area.
  • Orcas Island Eclipse Charters- Orca watching tours.
  • Private Boat Tours- Custom guided wildlife tour in the San Juan Islands.


Mexico is one of the greatest places to travel to watch dolphins or whales and have at the same time the best travel vacations of your life.

With great weather all the year, very affordable prices and amazing fun, Mexico is a great travel destination which can be combined with dolphin or whale watching.

Baja California (Baja)

Baja California is probably the best place in the world to travel to watch whales and most of the time you can get close enough to even touch whales. The whales season is only from January to April. If you travel to Baja, some of the whale watching providers are:

  • Baja Whales- Visitors guide to San Ignacio Lagoon in Baja California, Mexico
  • Gray Whale Watching In Baja- Whale watching in Baja.
  • Mar Y Aventuras- Mexico – Whale watching expeditions from La Paz and Loreto, Baja, Mexico
  • Navtec Expeditions- Sea kayaking and whale watching in the Sea of Cortez and Magdalena Bay, Baja

Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is one of the greatest Mexican resorts to travel with wonderful hotels and beaches. You can combine there a wonderful vacation travel with dolphin and whale watching.

  • Wildlife Connection -Dolphin, whale and turtle watching and tours.
  • Discover Pacific Tours – Humpback whales and bottlenose dolphins tours.
  • Cancun and the Mayan Riviera

Other wonderful place to see dolphins and have wonderful travel vacations is Cancun.

In Cancun you can have dolphin encounters under controlled conditions with captive dolphins or you can find watching and diving tours.

There are several places in Cancun and the Mayan riviera to swim with dolphins.


Canada is a place mainly to watch whales. If you travel to Canada, the most common places for whale watching are:

  • British Columbia
  • New Brunswick
  • New foundland and Labrador
  • Nova Scotia


Bahamas is a great place to traver for diving and watching dolphins. Bimini island is one of the places which has most tours. If you travel to Bahamas, you can contact:

  • Bimini Tours- Dolphin watching and diving.

If you are planning your travel adventure to watch or swim with dolphins, don´t forget to print your destination miniguide.