Learning from Dolphins

While dolphin research is still in its infancy, the wealth of information that we may one day glean from these magnificent creatures is unimaginable. One lesson that we can learn from them today, however, could be a key to the survival of our civilization. In today’s hectic, dog eat dog world, the dolphin community may just offer a few lessons that we should take the time to learn.

There’s a saying in our culture that suggests “it takes a village to raise a child”. In earlier times, our society often reflected this concept. Today, however, morals and values are almost nonexistent and technology continues to contribute to the breakdown of our families, communities and our society as a whole. Dolphins, however, are cooperative and playful. Their inner societies or pods existent under extremely dangerous conditions only because of the closeness and support the members offer to one another. In the world of the dolphin, members care for and protect each other. Dolphins are creatures of socialization just as we are.

As human beings, maybe it’s time that we take a look back at how we have evolved and consider instead returning to the way of the dolphin. Rather than spreading farther and farther from each other, the answer to our problems is perhaps instead, to come closer. The pod concept that protects dolphins, could very well be the ideal that could protect our families and our communities.

There is, in fact, a society that is seriously contemplating the concept of pod living. The Sirius Institute,http://www.planetpuna.com, in Hawaii has actually developed a model human society based on pod living. According to their website, Sirius believes that the pod model can help us “restore our currently fragmented society.” The model provides an environment where “humans can belong to something bigger than themselves and be accepted for who they are and the contributions they make.”

The Sirius Pod model allows people to interact within their own homes, neighborhoods and in some cases, worlds. The children living in this environment are raised together, very similar to the way dolphins raise their young. Sirius believes that their pod models are “islands of stability” where people can come together to grow and prosper.

While the Sirius model may seem a little vague and sounds very much like the lifestyle we already think we’re living, it would be a positive thing for each and every one of us to stop and consider what the important things are and why we’ve let them fall by the wayside. If we can learn anything from the dolphins, it could just very well be that we need to refocus our attention on how we’re living our lives and why.

The dolphin continues to survive against increasing odds. The intelligence level that these animals display and their ability to interact not only with there own species but to also live in harmony with others is definitely a lesson we should all learn.

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